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"Musical notation" (WWW.MusicHarmony.Website/Musical_notation.html) page tells you about the purpose of notated signs (#Purpose), about the staff and its bar lines (#Lines), types of clef symbols (#Clef), pitches on the staff (#Pitch), accidental symbols (#Accidental), key signatures (#Key), value of notes (#Value), time signatures (#Time), tempo meanings (#Tempo), and it provides you to calculate the real duration of musical notes (#Calculator).

"Notes and intervals" (WWW.MusicHarmony.Website/Notes_and_intervals.html) page is about definition of a note (#Note), sound wave and its frequency, note frequency chart, definition of an interval (#Interval), harmonic and melodic intervals, compound intervals, perfect, major, minor, diminished and augmented intervals, consonant and dissonant intervals, notes and intervals on the guitar fret (#Guitar).

"Musical scales" (WWW.MusicHarmony.Website/Scales.html) page is about definition and purpose of scales (#Purpose), different degrees of a scale, modes: Ionian, Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian, Aeolian, Locrian (#Modes), major scale: natural major, harmonic major; minor scale: natural minor, harmonic minor, melodic minor; chromatic scale (#Scales).

"Musical chords" (WWW.MusicHarmony.Website/Chords.html) page is about definition and purpose of chords (#Purpose), different tones of a chord, triads: major, minor, diminished and augmented (#Triads); seventh chords: dominant seventh, minor seventh, half diminished seventh, diminished seventh (#Seventh); roman numerals and chords inversions (#Roman).

"Four-part writing" (WWW.MusicHarmony.Website/Four-part_writing.html) page is about purpose of four-part writing (#Purpose), different types of contrapuntal motion: similar, parallel, contrary, oblique; voices in four-part texture: bass, tenor, alto, soprano; close and open position of a chord (#Structure), chords connection (#Connection), basic rules of four-part writing.

"Harmonic cadences" (WWW.MusicHarmony.Website/Cadences.html) page is about definition and purpose of cadences (#Purpose), different functions of chords: tonic, subdominant, dominant); authentic cadence: perfect and imperfect authentic cadence (#Authentic); half cadence (#Half), plagal cadence (#Plagal), deceptive cadence (#Deceptive).

by V. O. Isayev